Specialty Bar Code Labels & Tags

Our Best Option for Unique or Demanding Asset Management Applications

Our Specialty line of Asset Tags and Labels, offers a wide variety of products that can acommodate very specific applications when it comes to high temperature, extremely strict size and material requirements. Rest assured we have an asset tag that will meet the strictest of requirements, for additional consulting contact our Seton specialists.

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Specialty Bar Code Labels & Tags are designed with the understanding that a one-size-fits-all label is inadequate for the broad range of assets in today’s market. New technologies and processes have resulted in businesses with a much wider set of products and property items. Along with these advancements, new industries have improved on as well as require enhanced work productivity. This is why asset labels are manufactured in increasingly various designs and materials. Typical barcode labels can prove insufficient in work areas where specialized equipment are an everyday feature. Furthermore, even the more standard assets can be exposed to risks such as harsh weather, chemicals, UV rays, and others.

Address more specific asset tracking needs with Specialty Tags/Labels from Seton

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