Tamper Evident Asset Tags

Our Top Choice for High Traffic Applications that Require Evidence of Tampering

Our portfolio of of Tamper-Evident asset tags and labels protect against tampering and deter theft by using a unique, ultra-strong adhesive that self-destructs or leaves a checkherboard residue on the asset or equipment requiring protection. Available in a wide variety of sizes, finishes, materials, adhesives and fully customizable. Take protecting and securing your assets to the next level with this family of asset tags.

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Tamper Evident Labels afford businesses a convenient means of securing assets bound for transport. With these asset tags, businesses can conveniently track said items, allowing for a quick response in case of sudden changes and emergencies. And, to maximize their use, keep the following points in mind when choosing property tags. First, identify the various methods through which items may be tampered with. Include secondary or alternative means. Identify the type of tampering that may occur, as well as knowledge and resources needed to accomplish them. Afterward, determine how to best minimize the time and opportunity for tampering. Furthermore, personnel, customers and other authorized individuals should likewise be able to detect signs of tampering.

Secure assets with Seton's Tamper Evident Labels!

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