Auditorium Social Distancing Kits for Schools

Equipped with essential products you need to promote social distancing within in-person learning spaces

The health and safety of students and staff should be school systems’ number one priority as plans are put in place to reopen for the next academic year. For many educational administrators, this means getting creative and coming up with new ways to incorporate social distancing standards within in-person learning spaces; repurposing auditoriums into lecture-hall style classrooms is one of the many ways to do this.

To better support our customers during this unprecedented time, our workplace safety experts at Seton have expanded our already extensive COVID-19 response product selection to include ready-to-install social distancing kits that can be used in auditoriums, campus lecture halls, and other similar spaces. These kits include vibrant floor markers, marking tape, and 3D wall decals available in multiple colors to match nearly any interior.

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Administrators should continue to seek guidance from the World Health Organisation and local health officials to determine when students and staff should return to schools and what additional steps are needed on a case by case basis. These social distancing kits should ideally be used in conjunction with increased cleaning and sanitation procedures. Seton carries other products to help with this as well, including hand sanitizer gel, disinfectant cleaners, and more.

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