COVID-19 Response Products for Vaccine Distribution

Prepare your vaccination site with innovative safety solutions

As COVID-19 vaccine providers across the globe are preparing their facilities to ensure they are safe for their healthcare professionals and vaccine recipients, the safety experts at Seton are continually developing solutions to improve the efficiency of the vaccine administration process.

Our product selection includes social distancing and traffic control products, vaccine signage, cold-adhesion labels, personal protective equipment (ppe), and more. Seton is here to help your distribution site run smoothly. To check current stock status and delivery times, please contact our knowledgeable customer service team at 800-263-1623

How do I prepare my facility for COVID-19 vaccine distribution?
According to guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 vaccine providers should incorporate the following into their vaccination preparation plans:

Post COVID-19 vaccine signs on exterior doors or near entrances to let customers know your facility is a designated community vaccination provider.

Ensure social distancing best practices are in place with floor markers, marking tape, signage, and posters.

Set up a one-way vaccination site flow with a-frame signs, traffic cones, or barricades to direct foot traffic and ensure physical distancing between recipients.

Let patients know they must wear a mask with posters and signage that have clear, informative messaging.

Encourage good hygiene with infographic posters and signage that reminds vaccine recipients to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

Fore safe vaccine administration and disposal, stock up on bandages, latex gloves, and sharps containers.

Plexiglass barriers should be placed between administration areas and regularly sanitized.

Vaccine Storage & Handling
In order to ensure efficacy and maximum shelf life, COVID-19 vaccine products must be stored and handled in refrigerated temperatures from 36°F to 46°F, frozen temperatures of -13°F to -5°F, and ultra-cold temperatures of -112°F to -76°F in the freezer or within the dry ice thermal shipper in which the products are provided.

All vaccine storage units must have their own temperature monitoring devices. The use of digital data loggers (DDLs) with air-probes or a probe specifically designed for ultra-cold temperatures is recommended.

Post “DO NOT UNPLUG" warning signs and labels at outlets and on storage units to alert staff to avoid unplugging units. Label fuses and circuit breakers to alert people not to turn off power to a storage unit.

Cryogenic personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face shields, goggles, gloves, aprons, and gaiters must be worn when handling dry ice and vaccine products that have been packed in dry ice.

Vaccine Disposal
Most general vaccination disposal guidelines can be applied to the COVID-19 vaccine; however, your state’s immunization program or the vaccine manufacturer should be contacted for COVID-19 vaccine-specific information.

Even if they must be discarded, unused vaccine and diluent doses, unopened and expired vials, and potentially compromised vaccine may be returned for credit.

Open and broken vials and syringes, activated manufacturer-filled syringes, and vaccine pre-drawn by providers cannot be returned and must be discarded in accordance with state requirements.

Most empty vaccine vials are not considered to be hazardous or pharmaceutical waste and do not require disposal in a biomedical waste container.

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