Custom Asset Tags

Meet every asset identification and inventory management need

Asset Tags are invaluable items when it comes to tracking and identifying all types of equipment in your warehouse, office, or anywhere around your building or facility. Asset Tags are attached to equipment to identify to workers and visitors that that particular piece of equipment belongs to your business. Asset Tags are effective in deterring theft. Choose from the following and more: Custom SetonGuard Asset Plates, Custom QuickGuard Asset ID Tags, Custom Heavy Duty Adhesive Tags, Custom DuraGuard® Tamper Evident Asset ID Tags and others in various sizes and styles including bar-coded.

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Asset ID Tags are vital to all types of businesses and by customizing one of Seton's Asset ID Tags, you can make each one your very own. Choose from indoor/outdoor styles, barcode/non-barcode, various colors and types to allow you to easily track your assets.

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