Custom Self-Adhesive Pipe Markers

Custom Self-Adhesive Pipe Markers are easy to install- simple peel and press marker into place

They also allow for you to mark the pipes exactly how you need. Seton offers Custom Self-Adhesive Markers for easy identification of piping. The selection includes Electrical Markers, Ultra-Mark Pipe Markers, Opti-Code Pipe Markers, Asbestos Warning Labels, Insulation Markers, Duct Markers, Seton Code Markers, Intrinsically Safe Conduit Markers, Reflective Markers and more.

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Seton's custom self-adhesive pipe markers are exactly what you need when none of the stock pipe markers you find are suitable for use in your facility. These markers can be customized to include a specific chemical name or substance, which is great for companies that have specific pipes dedicated for unique materials.

Seton's custom pipe markers can also come in specific sizes to allow for the perfect fit around different pipe diameters. These also come in many different colours to match the kind of substance that is flowing in a particular pipe. You can find these self-adhesive pipe markers available in reflective or transparent versions.

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