Custom Fire & Exit Signs

Clearly identify fire and emergency exits in your facility

Custom Fire & Exit Signs provide information to keep employees safe during a fire, evacuation or other emergency. Your employees need to know where to go in case of a fire or emergency. Custom Fire & Exit Signs are a direct visual que and will help workers to find exits safely.

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Maintain a high standard of safety awareness in your facility. Seton offers a variety of Custom Fire & Exit Signs that allow you to display specific messages or instructions in cases of fire and other emergencies.

Choose from a variety of Custom Worded Fire & Emergency Signs that are made of different styles and colours. There are signs that are available in flexible, self-adhesive vinyl, which also feature a peel-and-stick backing. Others are made with rigid plastic, which include mounting holes for easy installation.

With customizable safety signs, notifying employees where the nearest safety exits are located becomes more efficient. Seton's Custom Fire & Exit Signs can help you keep them informed of what to do in case of an emergency.

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