Custom Tags

Custom tags identify equipment, inventory and safety hazards

Seton offers a huge inventory of custom tags for every kind of application. Browse through dozens of custom tag options, including inventory tags, custom safety tags, lockout tags, valve tags and much more. Tags can be customized with unique wording, business logos, company names or distinct colors and even graphics. Our custom tags are available in a variety of materials including, paper, Tyvek®, and plastic. Tags can be used in countless ways; use them to communicate important lock out tag out information, monitor inventory, or comply with OSHA standards. No matter your needs, Seton has the perfect custom tag for any situation.

Use a custom tag to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations and keep your workers safe.
Seton offers dozens of custom tags that can reflect your business’ name, logo, or specific safety message. Choose from:
- Custom OSHA Tags -These custom tags meet OSHA regulation 1910.145 which deals with custom tags, as well as ANSI standards. Choose from approved OSHA headers to communicate important safety information.
- Custom Lockout Tags -These durable custom tags help prevent severe injuries or even death by communicating crucial lockout / tagout information.
- Custom Valve Tags -Keep track of valve numbers, valve locations and pipe functions by creating a custom valve tag. Choose from a variety of durable materials, including brass, stainless steel and aluminum.
- Custom Asset ID Tags -An asset ID tag is perfect for tracking your valuable equipment and protecting your company’s property.
- Custom Safety Tags -Use these custom tags to display safety messages, detail inspection requirements or any number of other safety messages.
- Custom Warehouse and Inventory Tags -Keep track of your supplies, maintain organization, or identify items in need of repair using these custom tags.

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