ISO Prohibition Labels

ISO Prohibition Labels establish workplace policy

ISO Prohibition Labels keep workers informed about what actions and items are forbidden in select work areas. This ensures that your facility's sensitive and potentially dangerous equipment as well as your work-staff are protected from accidents. The ISO standard symbols on the labels ensure that the label will be understood by more people, making it a must have for any facility that has staff which speak different languages. So keep your facility safe and grab a few labels today.

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ISO Prohibition Labels are a necessary addition in any workplace. These handy labels indicate what items or actions are prohibited in the area. What makes this different from other labels, is the fact that the design of these safety labels follow the format set by the International Standards Organization. This ensures a higher user acceptability rate as well as a wider-reach, since the safety symbols are generally understood by most people who work in the industry. When used with danger signs and lab safety signs, you can be assured that your workforce are properly informed and can take the appropriate steps in keeping you facility accident free.

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