Hazardous Materials

Properly classify shipments

D.O.T. Shipping Labels are compliant and help you distinguish properly between your shipments. Seton's wide variety of shipping labels help to ensure you have the right label for each package.

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Make sure that all your shipments are properly classified and labeled with the right Hazardous Materials labels and decals from Seton.

Compliant with many government regulations - like those from the D.O.T. - these decals are a must have when you need to ship containers carrying substances that are considered explosive or toxic. Available at Seton in either paper or vinyl versions, these hazardous material labels can be used to label all sorts of shipments. Label examples include those containing the text Corrosive or Infectious with a matching graphic to indicate the kind of material being shipped.

These HazMat labels help ensure that your package arrives intact and safely. Handlers are also notified to take extra care with these packages due to the hazardous nature of the contents, as noted by the hazardous materials label affixed to it.

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