Ultra-Stick Adhesive Labels

If you’re looking for a label that will hold tight in extreme conditions, you’re looking for an Ultra-Stick adhesive label.

Ultra-Stick labels are designed for strength and durability.
Use them on wood, concrete, textured surfaces or other hard to label surfaces.
Ultra-Stick labels have a polyester coating to protect against grease, grime, weathering, and peeling
No cleaning required prior to application.
Labels have a service temperature range between -20°F to 140°F.
Choose from hundreds of OSHA compliant ultra-stick labels, including "Danger Pinch Point," "Caution Keep Guard In Place," "Warning Eye Protection Required," and much more.

Stop struggling with peeling labels. Order your Ultra-Stick adhesive labels today.

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Where can you use an Ultra-Stick Adhesive Label?
Ultra-Stick adhesive is designed to handle surfaces regular labels can't. They can be used on wood, concrete, textured surfaces and other hard to label surfaces. If you need a label that can be used both indoors and outside, look no further.
Each Ultra-Stick label comes with a polyester coating that protects against grease, grime and weathering, which also means they resist peeling. Additionally, these labels have a service temperature range between -20°F to 140°F.
At Seton, we offer hundreds of OSHA compliant Ultra-Stick labels. Choose from various wordings. Labels come in a variety of sizes to be suit all your needs.
In order to use an Ultra-Stick label just peel off the label's backing, stick to surface, and smooth out. It's that simple. Thanks to Ultra-Stick's adhesive, no cleaning is necessary prior to application, and labels adhere within seconds.
Don't let peeling labels slow you down, pick up your Ultra-Stick adhesive labels from Seton today.

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