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Keep your valve tags securely attached onto your equipment

Missing valve identification tags can cause a lot of problems in your facility's day to day operations. Make sure that all your valve tags are properly and securely attached onto your machinery and equipment by using durable Valve Tag Fasteners. Seton carries a wide variety of easy-to-use fasteners to guarantee that your identification tags won't go falling off at any given time. Our selection of plastic, cotton, nylon, nickel, brass, aluminum, and steel valve tag fasteners are available in different styles and size to fit all of your application needs.

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Durable tag fasteners for heavy industry use
Valve identification tags are crucial for maintaining a safe facility. These tools, prevent a number of untoward incidents, from petty theft to potentially fatal accidents when powered down machinery is involved. Here at Seton, we offer a vast selection of Valve Tag Fasteners that are useful in securing your identification tags. Manufactured from guaranteed top quality materials, these tools can withstand harsh and rugged environments. Check out our selection of chains and hooks that are specifically designed for heavy industry use. We also have coloured aluminum beaded chain tag fasteners that are highly recommended if you need to colour-code your equipment and tools.
Snap-on and nonconductive nylon ties are easy and safe to use
If you're looking for easy and hassle-free tag fasteners, Seton got you covered. We have a wide selection of nylon, plastic, cotton, and elastic strings that can be snapped on for quick and easy use. With flexible and tensile features, you have the option to manually adjust the length to fit your requirement without damaging the ties. In addition, these fasteners are nonconductive and guaranteed safe to use even in hot, cold, or damp areas. Choose from a variety of styles including reclosable ties, release-style ties, and nylon ties to suit the needs within your facility.

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