Sharps Containers

Safely dispose of used or contaminated sharp objects

Used hypodermic needles, scalpel blades and other similar medical equipment require more specialized methods of disposal. This is because these objects carry with them the danger of infecting those who get accidentally cut. While these objects can be disposed using sturdy puncture-resistant plastic containers, it is best to use proper sharps containers.

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Sharps" are defined as any device having sharp points or edges that can cut or puncture skin. Some examples of these devices are needles, lancets, auto-injectors and syringes. Once used, these objects are assumed to have been in contact with bodily fluids, fluids that can potentially carry with them disease-carrying microorganisms like Hepatitis and HIV. It is for this reason that sharps should be disposed of in containers that will prevent punctures to the skin. Sharps containers are the recommended biohazard containers for this purpose. Sharps containers can be either wall mounted or portable and typically come in capacities ranging from 1 to 5 quarts. The FDA recommends that Sharps Disposal Containers be made of heavy-duty plastic with a tight-fitting puncture proof lid that is stable during use, leak resistant and comes with the proper labeling.

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