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Maximize the effectiveness of your eyewash with eyewash acccessories

When accidents happen around chemicals risk harming your workers, don't skimp on providing the highest quality emergency care. Sometimes, just having eyewashes isn't enough, and you need to increase the effectiveness of your crisis options with eyewash accessories. Use eyewash accessories to get the most out of your emergency equipment, by combining its raw capabilities with accessories that complement its capacities. Use items like Emergency Privacy Curtains to help your workers keep their dignity in their time of need. Select what works best for your business when making your eyewash stations better than they are.

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Increase the effectiveness of your emergency care facilities by outfitting your eyewash stations and showers with eyewash accessories. Eyewash accessories provide an array of benefits for both workers and employers by making your business' equipment more capable in a crisis, reducing the damage to health and productivity due to costly injury.
Use eyewash solutions to enhance the wash itself and stock up on eyewash solution refill to ensure you can always address eye chemical spills.
Seton offers a huge line of eyewash accessories you can choose from. Select the eyewash accessories most suited to your unique needs.

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