Eyewash Signs

Eye wash station signs inform your employees where to go in case of eye emergencies.

In times of emergency, every second makes a huge difference. In such cases, you should waste no time in directing your employees to the immediate first aid they need. An eye wash sign can quickly draw attention toward eyewash stations, which can address harmful chemical splashes. Seton offers a broad selection of emergency eyewash signs. There are luminous signs, 2-way signs, 3-way signs, and more. All of Seton's eye wash station signs come in various sizes, materials, colors and mounting options that can suit your specific needs. When it comes to signage solutions, trust only Seton, the industry leader in workplace safety.

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When a crisis comes along, all the useful equipment in the world can't help if no one knows where it is or how to get to it. That's when you need an eye wash station sign ready and deployed properly. An eyewash sign is large, easy to read, noticeable and compliant to all safety regulations and local ordinances.
Select the signage best suited for your work environment. Darker environments or nighttime work zones may call for Luminous Eyewash Signs in which can be seen in low-light conditions. In high-risk areas, use heavy-duty signs, which can withstand accidental spills, corrosive fumes, inclement weather, or other adverse conditions.
Whatever you do and whatever eyewash signs you use, choose from Seton, the industry leader in signage and safety solutions. Partner with Seton in keeping your business safe, efficient and compliant to make the most out of your every purchase!

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