Combination Drench Shower/Eyewash

Use combination drench shower/eyewash to save space in your facility!

Do you want to amp up the first aid capabilities of your building, but you do not have enough space to allot for several equipment? Then you should install a combination drench shower/eyewash in your facility! A combination emergency shower and eyewash station is cut out to flush harmful contaminants and pathogens out of the eyes and body in any environment, yet saves a lot of space. This combo merges a shower head and eyewash into one unit for a superior washdown and more even spray pattern. All of Seton's combination safety showers and eyewashes comply with the standards of the American National Standards Institute.

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When a chemical spill occurs, your employees' safety depends a lot on how they can be treated immediately. And when you have a safety shower and eyewash station installed in strategic locations of your workplace, you are doing your employees a huge favor.
Seton offers a huge array of combination drench shower/eyewash. Choose from well-known brands such as Guardian, Bradley and Halo, which provide you a complete set of emergency shower and eyewash.
And when we say it's complete, it is indeed complete. Bradley Combination Shower/Eyewash comes with a 10 dia. shower head, stainless steel pull-rod, 1 IPS chrome-plated stay-open ball valve, 1/2 eyewash valve, 1 shower valve, and 1-1/4 galvanized steel pipe.
Then there is the Bradley Halo® Eyewash and SpinTech® Shower, which produces remarkable fluid distribution, self-drain design, eliminating pathogen and contaminant build up.
All of these superior combination drench shower/eyewash products have the Seton guarantee of same-day shipping.

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