Burn Dressings

Dressings for burn treatment and pain management

Burn dressings are specialized medical dressings designed for the first aid treatment of burns. Burns are unique in that along with the obvious need to protect the injured area from infection, localized pain management is also a consideration. Burn dressings are designed to cool down the affected area resulting in less pain. A number of burn dressings also contain a localized anesthetic to further aid in relieving the burn victim of pain.

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A number of facility processes can result in burns. Some examples are grinding, welding, soldering and handling caustic chemicals. Since treatment for burns is often different from treatment for wounds, be sure your workplace first aid kit is stocked with burn care equipment such as specialized burn dressings. Besides preventing infection, burn dressings are often designed to give pain relief as well as provide some degree of cooling to the injured area. Burn dressings can come in either pads or wraps. Burn dressings in pad form may need a separate bandage to keep it in place.

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