AED Labels

Labels for quick identification of AEDs

AED labels ensure your AEDs are properly identified. This aids in locating this emergency first aid device quickly allowing proper deployment, thus ensuring victims of cardiac arrests have a better chance of survival. AED labels are made from self-adhesive vinyl and easily attaches on the cases of AEDs and feature highly noticeable graphics and wordings. For best results, use AED labels in conjunction with AED signs.

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Heart attacks can happen anywhere. Automatic emergency defibrillators or AEDs are specialized emergency first aid equipment that can increase the survival of heart attack victims so much so that OSHA has recommended their use in a facility setting. However, AEDs and other emergency first aid equipment are useless if they can't be quickly deployed. Ensure your AEDs are quickly identified and thus deployed with AED labels. AED labels are designed with distinct graphics and highly noticeable wordings ensuring your AEDs are highly visible, enabling quick deployment in the event of a heart attack within your facility.

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