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A cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) mask is a mask that a person wears to administer CPR to another. CPR is administered when a person needs an emergency supply of oxygen to kick-start breathing or to improve blood circulation to the heart and lungs. CPR provides this oxygen, helping to prevent brain damage. Wearing a CPR mask helps prevent germs and diseases from getting transmitted during the process.

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A CPR mask is designed to filter the air administered during CPR, preventing any direct mouth-to-mouth contact. This allows resuscitation to occur while reducing the potential of transmitting germs or infection from the person administering CPR to the one receiving it. In addition, their small size provides another advantage, allowing them to be easily be carried in a first aid kit or even by hand by emergency response personnel. Make sure to provide first aid supplies that are not only useful, but convenient as well. Choose the best CPR masks for your needs from Seton’s range of options today.

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