First Aid Information and Education

Provide the proper knowledge and training for emergency responses

First Aid Information and Education provides helpful preparation for various emergency situations. Since injuries come in various types, identifying them is necessary to provide the appropriate treatment. Some of the most common acute injuries are burns, cuts and sprains, and each can be easily treated with basic first aid. Provide the skills that will help people respond to accidents and other emergency situations with Seton’s First Aid Information and Education materials and equipment.

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The kind of first aid training a person receives can determine the type and severity of injuries they can deal with. Basic Emergency Life Support is taught to people with no previous knowledge or experience. The second is known as Apply First Aid or Emergency First Aid, and is for those who provide First Aid in work areas. Advanced First Aid Including Remote or Rescue is training for emergency service personnel, firefighters and other medical professionals. Seton offers First Aid Information and Education supplies that help people develop the first aid skill and training they need.

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