EMT First Aid Kits

Allow for a proper emergency assessment and response

EMT First Aid Kits are used by emergency responders to help them provide patients with proper first aid prior to safe transport to a medical facility. These first aid kits provide the proper tools that will allow them to accomplish that. We at Seton offer EMT First Aid Kits that provide basic gear to stop bleeding and treat burn injuries, along with other first aid equipment. Choose the best first aid kit that EMTs need on hand from our selection today.

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Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are responsible for providing pre-hospital medical treatment during emergency situations, and are in charge of looking after patients while they are being transported to a hospital. Dispatched by 911 operators, they are usually one of the first responders on the scene. As such, an EMT are tasked upon arrival with assessing the situation to determine the necessary treatment needed in order to stabilize and bring the patient safely to a proper medical facility. Provide EMTS with the proper emergency equipment with Seton's EMT First Aid Kits.

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