Home First Aid Kits

Provide basic first aid care for households

Home First Aid Kits help keep families prepared for medical emergencies, whether for minor cuts, or in the event of accidental poisonings and other emergencies. The contents would depend on the individuals they are meant to serve, but in general there should be bandages, hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, gauze and tape. Additional items in the first aid kit may include smelling salts, scissors and prescribed medication. Choose the best Home First Aid Kits from Setons’ options today.

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Home First Aid Kits should contain important basic medical supplies that individuals and families can rely on. The American Red Cross recommends that all homes be equipped with first aid kits tappropriate for the situations that may arise in the specific environments of each home. As such, the type and number of medical items in the kit should depend on the size and needs of the particular household. Bandages, gauze and similar items are necessary, although families with children, and especially young children, may need additional supplies to their first aid kits. Choose the best basic first aid kit for your needs from Seton.

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