Industrial and Office First Aid Kits

Provide emergency supplies for employees whenever necessary

Industrial and Office First Aid Kits help uphold safety standards that promote healthy working conditions. A basic first kit for the workplace would be comprised of antiseptics, absorbent compress, adhesive tape and adhesive bandages. However, make sure that your facility complies with federal regulations by referring to your industry's specific requirements when choosing your establishment's first aid kit. Not only will this help keep employees safe, this also helps your facility remain compliant with safety regulations.

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Certain first aid kits on the market which are presented as regulation-compliant. While managers and suppliers may be well-advised to purchase these kits, they should also keep in mind that not all workplaces are the same. As such, it is necessary that they review their industry's specific standards and supply their facility with first aid kits that adhere to these standards.They may refer to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)'s compilation of suitable kits recommended for use in business establishment. Ensuring that the Industrial and Office First Aid Kits in the workplace meet the facility's particular needs prevents federal sanctions and fines and contributes to overall workplace safety.

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