Sports First Aid Kits

Specialized first aid kits for sports injury treatment

Sports first aid kits are specially designed kits for use by coaches, trainers, athletes and just about anyone who plays or loves sports. Containing all the necessary first aid supplies allowing you to immediately deal with various sports related injuries, these sports medical kits let you deal not just with sprains, strains, blisters and bruises, but also with cuts, scrapes, abrasions and even insect stings.

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Sports first aid kits contain all the first aid supplies you need for quick and efficient treatment of typical sports related injuries. Available in a number of configurations, Seton's line of sports first aid kits contain typical first aid equipment such as bandages, gauze pads, gauze dressings and antiseptics as well as equipment like moleskin, scissors, applicators cold packs and medicine all in an easy to carry bag. This way, you can carry your first aid kit to training as well as on the day of competition itself.

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