Hot and Cold Therapy

Provide the proper treatment for muscle pain and injuries

Hot and cold therapies are common forms treatment for aching or stiff joints. Both are relatively simple and noninvasive remedies which can be applied by an ordinary person as well as by a medical professional. Heat treatment can soothe pain and relax muscles, but can also aggravate inflammation. Cold treatment prevents inflammation, but does not soothe or relax. Make sure that your workplace is equipped with the best Hot or Cold Therapies from Seton.

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Deciding between hot and cold therapy depends on the medical problem at hand. Hot therapy is usually best for stiff joints or ongoing muscle pain, to increase blood flow, relieve pain and help relax muscles. A hot compress, heating pad or gel pack may be used. Cold therapy is best applied immediately after incurring an injury, such as a sprain or muscle strain. It helps decrease pain and swelling by slowing down the blood flow to the injured area. Cold packs, ice cubes or iced compresses may be used. Choose the best Hot/Cold Therapies with Seton's safety products.

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