Plastic Bandages

For quick treatment of minor cuts and abrasions

Convenient and easy to use, plastic bandages are the ideal first aid equipment for minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions Plastic bandages help prevent infection by sealing the wound from the environment. This also means, once applied, the injured individual can go back to work preventing unnecessary downtime. Plastic bandages are easy to store; you can easily keep a box or two handy, apart from what you can find in your workplace first aid kit.

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Plastic bandages, also called adhesive bandages are certainly good enough to make any first aid equipment list. However, these bandages are affordable and convenient enough that it doesn't hurt to keep a box or two handy around your workplace. Plastic bandages come in a number of sizes and styles so be sure to assess your workplace's needs so you can stock up on the type you need.

A possible issue with plastic bandages is these can potentially hurt during removal. A good way to avoid this is to moisten the bandage with a cotton ball saturated with ethyl acetate. This will dissolve the adhesive to a point where the dressing removes easily and painlessly.

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