Wound Dressings

First aid supplies designed to protect wounds promote faster healing

First aid dressings are used to prevent infections to open wounds as well as to promote its healing. These two facts make dressings a necessary item in all first aid kits and emergency supplies. Dressings should be used in conjunction with bandages as the latter are necessary to keep the former in place and prevent its dislodgement. Some examples of dressings are gauze pads, gauze rolls, non-adhering dressings and transparent dressing.

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It can be easy to confuse dressings and bandages as the two are often used together. The thing to remember is a dressing is directly in contact with the wound while a bandage is used to hold the dressing in place. Medical dressings serve some important functions:
To prevent infection
To prevent bleeding
To promote healing by encouraging epithelialization
To ease pain
As a medium for removing slough and foreign objects from the wound (debridement)
The most common material for dressings is sterile gauze which can be impregnated with medicine, but there are also dressings in the form of transparent film.

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