GHS Labels & Signs

Comply with GHS standards with signs, labels, and SDS products

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is Canada's national hazard communication standard. The key elements of the system are:/p
liIdentifying health, physical and environmental hazards

  • Creating a classification process that uses information on chemicals for comparison with the identified hazard measures
  • Communicating hazard information, as well as how to protect yourself, which is included on GHS Labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)/li
    Seton supplies all the products you need to be WHMIS/ GHS compliant, including a href="https://www.seton.ca/ghs-sds-binders-jt0100.html"GHS Safety Data Sheet Binders/a, and a href="https://www.seton.ca/ghs-deluxe-right-to-know-station-1804c-ca.html"Right-To-Know Stations/a, as well as a href="https://www.seton.ca/ghs-all-in-one-reference-poster-1477d-ca.html"GHS Reference Wall Charts/a, a href="https://www.seton.ca/ghs-wallet-cards-label-guide-1793c.html"GHS pictogram wallet card/a, and a wide variety of a href="https://www.seton.ca/chemical-ghs-labels-gasoline-w5448.html"GHS chemical labels/a.

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