GHS Safety Data Sheets

Keep all your safety data sheets (SDS) safe and organized

One of the major changes to the hazard communication standard was the update to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS), which was previously the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). GHS for SDS now features 16-sections that include information about the chemical's classification and potential hazards it could cause. The purpose of the update was to ensure consistency in the way hazard and protection information is presented to workers across the world. Stock up on GHS SDS Binders to keep all your SDS organized. Seton also offers steel racks and a variety of SDS stations that store binders and provide Right to Know information.

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All workers must be trained on the new Safety Data Sheet (SDS) format by December 1, 2013. This new system features 16-sections that detail the components and hazards of a specific chemical.
The main benefit of SDS is that it helps enhance protection for both the humans that interact with the chemicals, as well as the environment. This new system also helps facilitate international chemical trade because regardless of the country of origin, workers all over the world will understand the SDS accompanying the chemical. According to OSHA, GHS covers approximately 945,000 hazardous chemical products and this new system will prevent 43 deaths a year in the United States alone.
Seton has everything you need to stay organized and GHS compliant including GHS SDS Binders, GHS Safety Data Sheet Stations and Steel Racks for storing your SDS binders. Post GHS SDS Information Signs to clearly mark the location of your SDS and Right to Know documents.
We also offer a large selection of stations that contain what you need to get started on your GHS SDS upgrade. Choose from SetonGlo SDS Right to Know Stations that can be seen in little to no light, or GHS SDS Information Centers that provides a full explanation of the 16-section SDS.

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