Secure lockout devices with safety padlocks

Padlocks are one of the most versatile and essential tools you will need in lockout applications. High-security padlocks work in conjunction with the appropriate lockout device to secure anything from circuit breakers to power plugs.

Seton offers different keying options such as keyed differently, keyed alike, and master keyed, manufactured by trusted brands such as Master Lock®, American Lock®, Brady®, and more.

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Padlocks come with 3 different keying options, keyed differently, keyed alike, and master keyed. Keyed different locks are opened by a unique key that does not open any other lock in the set.

A keyed alike padlock set, on the other hand, are opened by the same key - only one key is necessary to open numerous padlocks. This option provides "same key" convenience and eliminates the need for multiple keys where numerous padlocks are used. This option is convenient for an authorized personnel to carry just one key for multiple padlocks.

In a Master Keyed system, a master key opens all the locks in the system although each lock also has its own unique key. This high-security padlock system permits organizing master key systems along departmental or other functional lines to allow supervisory or emergency access.

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