Eye Protection

Protect your eyes from injury with professional quality safety glasses

Protect your eyes from flying debris, chemicals, and other dangerous hazards with safety glasses and safety goggles from Seton. We have a vast collection of protective eyewear designed for a variety of task from light-duty lab work to heavy-duty welding jobs. Choose from a variety of eye protection products manufactured by the most trusted brands in safety.

Seton features Uvex, Jackson Safety, DeWalt, and 3M safety glasses among others. We also carry safety eyewear dispensers for convenient access to safety glasses at all times. Other eye protection accessories include cases, cords, and side shields. To effectively protect both your face and your eyes, ANSI recommends using a secondary protection such as a faceshield along with a primary protector, which includes ANSI Z87.1 approved safety glasses or goggles.

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Safety Glasses vs. Safety Goggles

While safety glasses and safety goggles both protect the worker's eyes from hazards, you should be aware that not all safety eyewear are created equal. Your choice should depend on what kind of work you do, what are different hazards you face, and the workplace environment you are in.

Safety glasses offer protection from the sun and substantial protection from flying debris. Workers needing prescription can also have the lenses modified to suit their vision. Safety goggles, on the other hand, offer better protection because the eyes are sealed and the straps are adjustable to better fit the user. Safety goggles are recommended for protection against chemicals, fumes, flying particles, and moderate radiation.

Here at Seton we provide safety glasses and goggles that have passed and even exceeded ANSI standards. So make Seton your provider of eye protection.

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