Magnifying Safety Glasses

Safety glasses designed to provide both eye protection and clearer vision

Magnifying safety glasses are the proper eye protection equipment for workers who experience issues with their vision. These safety glasses allow your workers to easily read valve readouts, safety tag instructions, information on safety labels and other similar situations. Being safety glasses, these eye ppe are also designed to protect workers eyes against injury, thus meeting OSHA and ANSI requirements for eye protection. Magnifying safety glasses are available in different magnifications.

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Near-sightedness or myopia is an eye condition that affects a lot of people. What this means is, if you have a worker who suffers from this eye condition, chances are, he or she would be wearing some form of corrective lens. This could be a safety issue especially if you have a worker engaged in tasks that require eye protection since safety glasses are commonly non-corrective. For these workers, magnifying safety glasses are the eye protection equipment they need. Magnifying safety glasses are available in a number of magnifications allowing workers to see clearly while providing adequate eye protection. This prevents workers from having to remove their safety glasses in order for them to don their prescription glasses.

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