Anchors, Straps & Slings

The bits and pieces that make fall protection work

Fall safety equipment is useless if you can't wear or fasten it correctly, and anchors are crucial to making it work. Whenever shopping for fall protection anchors, make sure to browse our wide selection of straps and other accessories and parts to enhance your fall protection equipment, including strap anchors, cross arm straps, and anchor straps. Seton offers a great selection of fall protection accessories manufactured and designed by the best brands in the industry.

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It's one thing to have a hard hat, harness or other core fall safety equipment essential, but to achieve comprehensive safety and regulatory compliance you must take advantage of anchors, straps and slings to improve your workers' safety when working near any falling hazard. Fall protection anchors, cross arm straps, anchor straps and other such components are essential for making your position even less vulnerable to accidents and injury. Don't go halfway with safety!

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