Confined Space Equipment

Safety equipment for hazard-free entry into confined space

Confined space equipment is the proper safety gear to use when entering a confined space that’s situated on a lower level. These equipments include confined space harnesses and confined space tripods. Confined space harnesses are full body harnesses similar to a fall arrest harness. This fall safety equipment is then connected to your confined space tripod via a tether. Confined space equipment is necessary for working safely within confined spaces or for confined space rescue procedures.

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Confined space equipment should always be used in conjunction to a proper permit only confined space program. One important aspect of this program is properly training the appropriate number of personnel on safety protocols when working in permit only confined spaces as well as how to properly use confined space equipment particularly confined space tripods. Other aspects include strict procedures for evaluating and testing of the space's atmosphere, posting safety signs, establishing a written permit system as well as regular inspection of your confined space harnesses, hoists and other equipment.

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