Fall Protection Kits

Allow construction employees to safely work in various environments

Fall Protection Kits provide workers with the necessary security to perform their tasks even in the most high-risk work environment. Designed to prevent falls or control them in such a way as to reduce the possibility of incurring any injury, these kits are a must for workers involved in construction and similar industries. Furthermore, they are made in such a way that they protect employees without interfering with workers’ tasks or activities. Protect employees and choose the best fall protection kits from Seton.

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Employers are required to set up the work environment in such a way that prevents employees from falling off elevated work stations, overhead platforms, or into holes in floor and walls. Government agencies (namely the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have implemented guidelines that detail how employers can provide fall protection in their respective establishments. For instance, OSHA requires that fall protection is provided to employees working over dangerous machinery and equipment, regardless of how height the work area is situated.

Comply with regulations and ensure that employees are provided with the proper Fall Protection Kits and safety equipment. Select the best options for your needs from Seton today.

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