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Total hand protection for a multitude of applications

Hand protection equipment are the necessary ppe for tasks that can damage hands. Wearing the proper work gloves when performing industrial tasks like handling caustic chemicals, hot materials or sharp objects not only protects your personnel’s hands, these also make work more efficient. Be sure to choose the proper industrial gloves. For example, anti-vibration gloves are best used when performing tasks that subject the hands to shock, while chemical resistant gloves are ideal for handling corrosives.

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Protect your hands and fingers from chemicals, irritants, cuts, abrasions and more with top-quality Gloves from your friends at Seton. Welding Gloves, Work Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Leather Gloves - even Driving Gloves are availalbe from Seton. Choose from our vast selection including: Nitri-Solve® Chemical-Resistant Gloves, Grip N® Hot Mill Gloves, Capeskin TIG/MIG Welding Gloves and much more.

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