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Work Gloves & General Purpose Gloves

Prevent work-related hand injuries

Work Gloves & General Purpose Gloves are important work safety gear in many industries. Designed to prevent various types of work hazards, Seton offers you gloves that provide hand protection against a range of injuries, from minor cuts and bruises to deep wounds and severe burns. Laboratory and field testing is provided to ensure that they successfully protect hands from such on-the-job hazards. Use the proper work gloves to decrease the potential for accidents and injuries.

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Work Gloves & General Purpose Gloves are used for varying applications in different jobs, such as construction, packing, loading and unloading cargo, and others. These are typically leather gloves, or come with leather grain padding on the palm and fingertip areas. They are designed to provide hand protection under conditions that pose potential injuries such as cuts, abrasions, and scrapes. Some variants of these gloves use Kevlar, which helps resist rips and punctures, or other materials with similar properties. Provide your facility with the proper hand safety supplies with Seton's selection of Work Gloves & General Purpose Gloves.

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