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Knit Gloves

Provide employees with light yet durable hand protection

Knit Gloves are designed to provide hand protection without the discomfort that can come from heavier materials. These work gloves are useful in various purposes, such as inspection, maintenance cleaning or even for simply keeping warm. Knit Gloves afford the wearer easy, comfortable hand protection without sacrificing durability. Seton offers a wide selection for an equally wide range of applications. Some can even be used either as gloves or glove liners.

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Knit Gloves are manufactured with a knit material which typically a combination of cotton and poly. They generally also feature a reinforced cuff, which means that these knit gloves can keep your hands both protected and warm, whether during cleaning duty or collecting supplies for the winter. Usually made out of comfortable, medium weight cotton or polyester, these gloves are cool, breathable, and washable, and can be easily worn on either the left or right hand. Various sizes, cuff styles, and colors are available, with some featuring PVC dots on the palms and fingers for an improved grip.

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