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Temp. Resistant Gloves

Temperature resistant gloves protect workers hands from hot substances and more

Temperature resistant gloves protect workers hands from high temperatures. Burns, scalding, and other heat related injuries are all too common in the manufacturing industry. It is important that each worker who may be in danger to be equipped with these insulated work gloves to make sure that they are safe when going about their day to day tasks. While these gloves are not a replacement for a good safety program, they will help mitigate any slip-ups that may occur during the work day. So go grab yourself or your employees some temperature resistant gloves and start working safer today.

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Temperature resistant gloves are a must have for workers who have to deal with high temperatures in their day to day tasks. These gloves allow the handling of materials which may cause burns or worse without proper protection. When choosing gloves, be sure to get ones that fit perfectly to ensure that grip and dexterity aren't compromised when using the gloves. You might also want to look at the amount of protection provided by the gloves to ensure that you are using it to handle temperatures within the manufacturer's specifications.

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