Hard Hats

Prevent potentially fatal injuries to the head

Hard Hats serve an important function in industries where workers are at risk of falling or projectile objects. Safety hard hats are designed to protect the head and brain by absorbing the force of impact when something hits the wearer’s head. Employees whose jobs involve falling or flying objects, or electrical shock and burns, are required to use a protective headgear. Select the best option for your needs from Seton.

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Hard Hats may just be the most important peice of Personal Protective Equipment that a worker can wear. Any time there is the danger of falling debris, swinging chains or booms, or any situation in which an object may make contact with a worker's head, Hard Hats are an absolute must. Choose from a variety available, including Bullard® Model S51 Hard Hats, MSA V-Gard Standard Caps and Full Brim Hats and others.

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