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Keep yourself safe from environmental hazards with appropirate protective clothing

Protective clothing is important in any work environment. From reflective armbands and vests to PVC rain ponchos, we've got exactly what you need to stay safe while working. If you're working indoors with sensitive equipment or chemicals, be sure to check our collection of particle protection coveralls and shoe covers to prevent contamination of your products and keep you safe from exposure. So what are you waiting for? Keep yourself safe from the elements and environmental hazards with Seton's wide selection of vests, coveralls, footwear, sleeves, rainwear, coats, and aprons.

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Protective clothing is an integral part of any PPE safety plan and should be given due importance. An OSHA requirement for certain fields, these items often serve as the last line of defense from a variety of environmental hazards. Properly deployed and implemented in your workforce, these items will prevent accidents and keep your workforce safe.

There is a wide variety of protective clothing available such as vests which improve visibility, coveralls that prevent contamination, footwear to keep one's feet safe, sleeves for cut and flame protection, rainwear and coats to keep you secure from the elements, and even aprons that you layer on above your other protective clothing. Each piece of equipment has a specific niche that it fills so be sure to get the right piece of clothing for the job.

With that in mind, look no further than Seton.com for all your personal protective clothing needs. With our comprehensive collection of equipment from top-name brands such as Coleman®, Occulux®, DuPont®, Ansell®, Tillman, Sperian®, Wells-Lamont®, and more; you're sure to find just the right piece of protective clothing to keep your people safe during their regular tasks!

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