Flame-Resistant Coveralls and Overalls

Your first line of defense against workplace fire hazards

Flame-resistant coveralls and overalls are a must have in any environment dealing with flammable and combustible materials. The additional protection provide by these fire resistant coveralls will save lives and lower injuries in any facility not already using these products. Before ordering, make sure to pick up the ideal coveralls for your facility factoring in the amount of protection your workers actually need and how it will affect their tasks. That said, check out our selection of flame resistant coveralls and overalls and start promoting a culture of safety today!

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The hazards of flash fire or explosion are a daily worry for industrial workers. If workers are equipped with the proper fire resistant protective coveralls, injuries can be avoided.

We provide the best in coveralls and overalls for a variety of jobs, environments, and scenarios. Our line of flame resistant coveralls offer the best in FR protection that is made to last. Choose from our top name brands such as KleenGuard, Frontier®, DuPont®, among others. We also carry protective coveralls in a kit specifically for arc flash protection that are made from flame resistant fabric and certified by various regulatory bodies, so you are sure to get maximum arc flash protection.

For ultimate protection against small particles, dust, grindings, and even chemicals, a good pair of top-quality coveralls or overalls is your best defense. You can find a variety of coveralls and other PPE products at Seton, your trusted partner when it comes to safety and security.

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