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Half Mask Respirators

Half mask respirators provide adequate protection during industrial tasks

Half mask respirators are generally used in environments where the contaminants are not toxic to the face or the eyes. This makes it ideal for various industrial tasks such as painting, minor sanding, and item detailing. There are a variety of models available from Disposable Respirators to reusable ones with replaceable cartridges. Each has its own advantages depending on where the masks will be used, so be sure to take that into consideration before picking up a respirator mask for your workplace.

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Half mask respirators are essential when working in environments with particles that are dangerous when inhaled. These masks are perfect painting, sanding, and other tasks that produce airborne irritants that are not harmful to the eyes or face. There are a few things to keep in mind when working with these respirators:

Make sure that the respirator fits correctly.
Be sure to check that the filter cartridge is in good condition.
Properly log the use of the half mask respirator to ensure that proper maintenance is carried out on the device.

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