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N100 Respirators

Respirators giving 100 percent filtering efficiency for non-oil-based air particulates

N100 respirators are designed to keep people from inhaling non-oil-based particulates. As per federal standards, these dust masks can prevent 100% of particulates from being inhaled when properly worn. Best used for sanding, grinding, mineral processing and similar activities, they can effectively block cadmium, lead, arsenic and other elements that can pose serious health hazards. Seton offers you a selection of N100 respirators to suit your needs.

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Protecting your workers from being exposed to harmful particulates should be your top priority.

When an establishment prioritizes keeping the workplace safe, workers stay healthy while meeting federal regulations. Make sure employees are protected from harmful particulates with Seton’s selection of N100 respirators. We offer you choices from leading manufacturers, such as 3M and Moldex. Get the safety protection you and your employees need without having to exceed the budget.

Maintaining a safe work environment keeps employees healthy and ensures the facility stays within regulations. Choose the best respirators for your needs from Seton today.

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