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P95 Respirators

Respirators ideal for protection against oil-based contaminants

A lot of industrial processes produce oil-based respiratory irritants. The proper respirator masks to use for these types of irritants are P95 respirators. The presence of oil in the atmosphere can degrade respirators that are not rated for these conditions, leading to compromised respiratory protection. The “P" in P95 stands for oil-proof, making these types the respirator of choice for oil-rich atmospheres, or work processes which produce large amounts of oil-based irritants.

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P95 respirators are designed to provide the wearer with respiratory protection against contaminants that contain oil while providing 95% filtering proficiency. These factors make this type of respirator ideal for a number of work environments since P95 respirators can also be used for protection against non-oil based respiratory irritants. P95 respirator masks cannot protect against paint spray, gases, asbestos and vapors. Also, do not use this respirator in atmospheres with less than 19.5% oxygen. Finally, remember that once the respirator becomes soiled, damaged or if breathing becomes difficult to discard this and replace it with a new one.

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