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Respirator Filters & Respirator Cartridges

Make sure to have replacement respirator filters and cartridges readily available for your workers

Filters and cartridges are integral components of Air Purifying Respirators and are designed to protect people from inhaling harmful gases and vapors. For these to function properly, the correct replacement filters and respirator cartridges must be used, both of which should match the mask brand. Choose the best replacement respirator filters and cartridges for your needs from Seton’s selection.

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Provide your establishment with the proper components for your air respirators.

Replacement filters and cartridges are components in air respirators that remove vapors, gases, and/or particulate contaminants as air is drawn in through the face piece. Air respirators can come in multiple-use models that allow for replaceable cartridges. Usually, one or two cartridges are attached to a mask, built with a certain number of valves, for inhalation and exhalation.

Make sure that your employees use air respirators with the proper cartridges and replacement filters. Seton offers you a wide selection of respirator filters and cartridges to choose from.

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