Knee & Kneeling Pads

Effectively protect against abrasions and impact force

Kneepads or kneeling pads are protective gear worn on knees to shield them when kneeling. Knee pads also guard against abrasions and impacts incurred in a fall or from a strike, as well as provide additional padding for extended kneeling. Commonly used in sports, these safety gear will also provide support and protection in an industrial setting and are very useful for jobs and tasks where a person’s knees is exposed to injury. Select the best options for your needs from Seton.

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It may seem that handymen such as carpet installer and tile layers don't have much in common with military personnel, athletes and dancers. However, all of them are involved in activities that leave their legs and knees exposed to injuries. And should any of them need extra protection for their knees, they will most likely have to wear knee pads.

Knee pads help slow down this process of wearing down in the knees, which is important for those whose knees are exposed to injury. With the kneecap actually measuring only 1¼ inches thick and 2 inches across, the knees can wear down easily over time, even in the process of normal activity. Extensive kneeling can greatly exacerbate wear and tear on a person's kneecaps.

Because of this, using knee pads can reduce the occurrence of many kinds of medical conditions. One such condition is called bursitis, in which small fluid sacs that lubricate and cushion the knee become inflamed. These medical conditions are serious, with some necessitating surgical treatment.

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