Wrist & Elbow Supports

Conveniently keep injured wrists immobile

Wrist Supports are worn around the wrist during strenuous activities or to facilitate healing. These supports and braces are extremely useful in treatment and reducing stress, immobilizing joints and providing compression to the bones and ligaments. A few medical conditions that rely on supports for treatment are repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, broken wrists, and others. Provide the best wrist injury supplies with Wrist Supports from Seton.

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Wrist injury generally are in the form of fractures and/or sprains. Treating fractures usually necessitates a splint or a cast fitted to the injured wrist. However, if no serious fracturing has occurred, a removable splint or a wrist support may be sufficient to keep the injured area immobile until it has healed completely.

Damaged tissues require some rest in order to begin the process of recovery. This is why bracing is crucial in the early stages of healing. During the first days of treatment, wrist supports are best worn most of the time. These should occasionally be taken off at regular intervals to keep the wrist from becoming weak and atrophied. However, the injured area should be gradually taken off supports altogether.

Wrist supports are especially beneficial during nighttime, when the patient is asleep. A lot of people sleep with their wrists bent, which places continuous stress on the injured area. Wrist supports help prevent this and allow the injury to heal much faster.

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