Fire Extinguisher Signs & Fire Equipment Signs

Use fire extinguisher signs to clearly mark where important equipment is located in the event of an emergency

Fire Extinguisher Signs and Fire Equipment Signs help workers quickly locate fire extinguishers and other important equipment in the event of an emergency. Emergency personnel can be guided to vital rescue equipment by the smart placement of Fire Extinguisher Signs in your facility. Seton offers hundreds of signs to choose from, including an ADA fire extinguisher sign that complies with ADA standards and also glows in the dark. If you're looking for a sign that can be seen from all sides, consider a 2-Way or 3-Way View Fire Safety Signs that can be seen from multiple angles.

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Comply with regulations by marking the locations of your fire extinguishers and other fire equipment using fire extinguisher signs from Seton.
If an emergency occurs in your office or facility, it is vitally important to know exactly where the emergency equipment is stored or housed. Items like fire extinguishers and hoses need to be accessible to fireman and emergency responders in the event of a fire or explosion.
A clearly visible Fire Equipment Sign can make a big difference in the time it takes to respond to an emergency. Your facility or business can choose from a wide variety of fire extinguisher signs, as they are available in many sizes, shapes, styles and materials.
You might need one of the following for your property: Do Not Block - Interior Decor Signs, Fire Extinguisher Safety Equipment Location Marker, Safety Door And Window Decal, Fire Alarm 2-Way View Fire Safety Signs and many more.
Seton also offers a custom 3-Way View Fire Safety Sign that can be seen from either side, as well as from the front. This sign is available in three different sizes and in two materials, 60-mil plastic or luminous plastic which provides more than 10 hours or visibility during blackout emergencies to help locate exits and fire extinguishers.

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