Fire Lane Signs

Help keep fire lanes clear

Fire Lane Signs help prevent fire lanes from being blocked in an emergency. Choose from stock worded Fire Lane Signs or create a Fire Lane Sign with your own unique, customized message.

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No Parking Fire Lane, No Parking Fire Zone and numerous others are good examples of Fire Lane Signs, available from Seton. These helpful signs are used to warn drivers not to park their vehicles in certain areas. In the event of an emergency, emergency vehicles, such as fire engines, need unimpeded access to buildings. If a car is parked illegally in a no parking fire lane area, firefighters may not be able to transport their equipment to the site of the fire quickly and safely. Keep these thoughts in mind the next time you see a fire lane. Blocking one may not only get you a ticket and cost you a fine, it may endanger a life.Lastly, if you need a fire lane sign, but can't find the one that fits your needs, you can choose a semi-custom sign and create your own messaging.

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